Search Strategy
Simplifying the complexities of keyword research & long-term planning to create an effective and revenue-driven search approach.

What is Search Strategy?

SEO can be a complicated beast, often it can be difficult just knowing where to start. With hundreds of keywords that you could potentially target and various avenues you could explore for your content marketing, it can be tough knowing how to get started with your SEO campaign.

This is exactly why we do all of that for you! Everything from keyword research to identifying a strategy for the upcoming weeks and months is handled by us. Therefore, all you need to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the reports we send over!

And it’s worth mentioning that we’re all too aware of the dangers of only focusing on organic traffic and turning a blind eye to revenue. Unfortunately, not all organic traffic leads to organic revenue. So we make sure to take a deep dive into not only your business’ objectives but also at what search strategy can meet those goals.

This includes: carrying out market and competitor analysis, keyword research, defining and understanding your target audience, implementing SEO best practices across the site, and we even work with you to build a content strategy too!

If you’re looking to put together a search strategy then be sure to get in touch!